Our Environmental Policy

Voi Maintainance and Construct (PTY) Ltd cares for the wellbeing of all staff and recognizes its workforce as a meaningful and important contributor towards its core business being the leader in providing specific construction projects and routine maintenance services to various companies and firms by providing competitive pricing whilst ensuring that quality and customer satisfaction is not compromised.

It is the Company's policy to use our Environmental Management System to do all that is reasonably practical to prevent environmental pollution, occupational diseases, personal injury, damage to property and to protect all employees, visitors, contractors, public, interested and affected parties from foreseeable work hazards, insofar as they come into contact with the operations or are exposed the performance within the Company. We will follow a pro-active and participative approach towards Environmental management both within the boundaries of our operations and the integration thereof with surrounding areas. This means that we will endeavor to pro-actively identify and resolve potential Environmental risks before they manifest as accidents, incidents or compliance non-conformances.

We shall ensure a health and safe working environment to be our primary responsibility. We shall lead our Environmental effort by example. We furthermore believe that, in self-interest and for the collective good, every employee should participate in and contribute towards our Environmental effort. We will encourage and empower staff in appropriate ways to work together as a team to fulfill this responsibility.

We strive to
*  Integrate Environmental management in routine management functions and processes
*  Pro-actively identify and eliminate (or as a last resort, manage) all Occupational Environmental related risks in the workplace
*  Comply with all internal Environmental standards as well as applicable legislation
*  Inform staff of all the aspects and impacts associated with their work
*  Provide the training, equipment and support necessary for our employees to mitigate risks and perform safe, healthy and productive work
*  Monitor and report our Environmental performance, working towards a goal of zero incidents, through a continuous improvement of our performance and Environmental systems
*  Support industry-related Environmental improvement initiatives and share our knowledge of Environmental with industry stakeholders

A copy of this policy will be made available to interested and affected parties on request.

Policy Review: Due to the ever-changing environment in which our business functions it may become necessary to revise our Environmental Policy from time to time. Policy review will be conducted every year.