Our Quality Policy

Voi Maintainance and Construct (PTY) Ltd is committed to provide its clients with high quality services and products, on-time delivery and ever improving levels of satisfaction. We are dedicated to the continual improvement of our services, products, and the company itself.

We strive to meet our client's current and anticipated needs; and as we commit to improving our clients performance, we also recognize the need to demonstrate effective quality management and thus commit to continual improvement of our own services and processes and also comply with all legal, statutory and regulatory obligations. We also commit ourselves to do our business in the most ethical manner and in the best interest of our customers and employees; and to treat our vendors and suppliers fairly and to be socially responsive.

Voi Maintainance and Construct (PTY) Ltd is committed to maintaining a quality management system that provides a means of monitoring and measuring our processes and performance, providing a framework for communication, training and the setting of appropriate objectives and targets for continual improvement of our organization. Management will set objectives and review these on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain valid and up to date.

This policy will be communicated and understood within the company and will be reviewed at least annually for continuing suitability.